Small bug fix

  • We've fixed a bug that could prevent you to open the Courses, and Insurance page. This should only affect 0.001% of users, but still, now it's fixed.
  • We've updated our Document Checklist integration with the Australian Government website and it's now back to normal.

Small improvements

  • When updating or adding a form, EduLink will now fill-up the fields name automatically for you.
  • EduLink will not show the shortcuts on the Dashboard if you haven't activated the feature.
  • Small improvements in the quote layout number 03, based on agencies feedback.

Small improvements

  • Small improvements and adjustment in spacing for our forms.
  • Support for more merge of fields in the form (for example, now it's possible to automatically update the passport number from the form data).
  • When importing agreements, EduLink will handle your commission field even if it has "%" in it before this would result in an error.

Big improvements in the quote layout number 3

We've implemented some big improvements in the quote layout number 3.

  • Full support for the study plan type.
  • Fix columns alignment and quote generation when choosing a different quote.
  • Improve quotes and layout.

Minor improvements

  • The Student Portal now has your agency name in the title of the page.
  • We fixed the typo "Visa expire" to "Visa expiry".

General bug fixes

  • We fixed a bug that would show the date as 01/01/1970 if no date was selected when submitting a form.
  • We fixed a bug that could prevent accommodations to be added to the quote.

General improvements

  • When you upload a document that it's visible in the student portal, EduLink will show a badge, before was very hard to know if it was visible or not.
  • We did some improvements in the form response page. Now you'll be able to see the documents there too.
  • The countries are now ordered alphabetically.
  • We removed some of the security restrictions when removing quotes. Nothing changed substantially.

Concierge updates and Best Match

We've added a lot of accounting articles and guides. Now should be much easier to understand how to use the powerful Accounting of EduLink.

  • We've also implemented the "Best match" when searching for courses. EduLink understands the college you're looking for and will display the name.

Big pack of really nice improvements!

  • For 2 years now we've been training EducationLink to recognise what you search, just like Google, we try to provide you a search experience that is closer to ask a question to a person, than to filter a list in a computer. Now we take the next step in this journey, when searching EducationLink will show the institution you're looking for.
  • There's nothing more infuriating than finish typing a big body of text and click outside the window and see your work disappear. Now it'll not happen anymore.
  • Whenever a college has the list of intakes on file, Educationlink will show you a list of the intakes instead of showing the calendar. You can always select manually the intake if you would like to.
  • The accounting tab of the student page will not show in its summary amounts of cancelled installments and sales.
  • We now have a new "Payment plan" tab in the "All payments" accounting section.
  • When adding an accommodation product as a sale you will be able to add more information.
  • For agencies that use custom payment plans in the quote, now you will have even more options.
  • Now it's possible to transform a payment plan of a quote in a sale with just one click.

RDStation is our brand new add-on!

RDStation is a marketing automation platform, very very popular in Brazil. Now available, the RDStation add-on syncs all your students to RDStation and also sends special events when they become leads, close a sale, or are not interested.

No published changelogs yet.

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