Bug fixes and improvements

  • Hide Future payments instead of an empty table when there are no payments in the quote.
  • Counsellor, sales pipeline and pipeline status can now be added to a form to set these fields to all students added from that form.
  • Fix bug assigned user won't receive notifications after a student submits a form.

General improvement

  • Location details of the product are now stored and the City where the student is studying at will be displayed in the student reports.
  • Use a checklist instead of the input field for student's unique fields in the organization settings to prevent confusion.
  • Add more fields to Finance summary reports (status, invoice date,...)

Sales pipelines for offices

Different offices now can have different sales pipelines. Simply go to Sales pipeline setting page (from Organization settings) and select the list of offices that the sale pipeline will be available at.

  • If no offices are selected, the sale pipeline will be available for all offices.
  • Admins will see all the offices regardless of their availability.

Bug fixes

  • Missing information about student when adding a new quote from Student page.
  • Installment status doesn't change upon updates of partial payments.
  • Start date of the new course is not calculated by the previous course in the study-plan quote.
  • Fees are not correct in products with multiple promotion types.
  • The confusing label Non tuition fee in the installment information.
  • Installments added manually or from a partial payment are not sorted by the due date in the sales.
  • Checklist doesn't work properly in the forms/student's extra information.

General improvement

  • Payments can now be marked as paid with more information such as payment date, bank account or comment. Related installments, sale or other partial payments will be available.
  • Improve the duration calculation between dates.

Payment receipt

All payment in EducationLink is available to access from a link to make it easier for counsellors to send to students. The new payment receipt is simple to access, view or print directly.

The feature is rolling out to all organization and replacing the PDF generation.

General improvements

  • Searched students to be listed on the Recent students list.
  • Improve payments plan's product description in the quote.
  • Allow to use product-specific commission in the agreements for insurance bookings.

Student unique fields

By default, EducationLink use email to distinguish students and prevent adding duplicated students. However, your organization can use a different field (or multiple fields) by updating Student unique fields option in the Organization settings.

Bug fixes

  • Course type is not up-to-date for some courses and not saved to the sale.
  • Start date of the courses and services is not populated by default (current date).
  • Tax is more than 0 even when tax type is inclusive in commission invoices.
  • Unable to delete students with only cancelled sales.
  • Emails of cancelling sales are being sent from development environment to some users.

Flat fee for commission

Instead of having the commission based on a percentage of tuition fee or course package, your organization can define the commission as a flat fee in the agreements with some schools/providers. This helps agencies have a more flexible way to handle accounting tasks.

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