Generic bug fixes

  • We've fixed the bug that prevented tasks to be opened from the Calendar.
  • We've also fixed the bug that prevented the name of the student to show up in the task when in Calendar view.

Minor improvements

  • Now if you create a form which also has the Office field, EducationLink will search for counsellors only in the office you put in the form (before default to searching in the whole organization).
  • Now on submitting a form with fields that are not default of EducationLink they will be merged on the information we currently have of the student (before they would be replaced).

Minor improvement for Quotes and Sales

We fixed a small issue that doesn't allow sales to be added from quotes. Besides that, we also allow users to add insurances, government fees and other services directly as sales from quotes.

Organization settings page remake

Your agency now has a fresh new update for the organization settings page. Not only the layout got vastly improved but also all the settings and preferences are better organized thus becoming much easier to use.

Occasionally slow response time

Some users have reported the system to get slow sometimes. Our intention is to have the fastest system around, so we took measures for it to not happen again. We are constantly monitoring (we have a dashboard with response times of everything) but if it you feel EducationLink slow, let us know.

The slow response times may not have impacted everyone, and was caused due to increased access to our systems.

Google Gmail syncing

Some users may have faced problems when syncing with Gmail. We worked hard to fix this bug, and if you were one of the users which faced this unexpected bahvior, we apologize.

We've also improved our sync to be faster and now you have a special button to download past emails (this button will appear when the student does not have any email).

Learn more about this functionality here: Student emails: sending, storing and syncing with your inbox.

UX and other improvements

  • We have changed the font we use on EducationLink to be easier on the eyes, more pleasant to work with and to support more languages (coming soon).
  • Now you can manually sync student emails when there is none.
  • New training videos are available for Allianz.
  • We've added the middle name of the student at the top of the student profile.

Free performance analysis tool

EducationLink has just released a new tool for all agencies to estimate and have an overview look of their performance compared to Australian market share last year. It is completely free and available in the system soon.


Privacy improvements (GDPR)

We've improved the way we track your consent (or lack of) to be tracked for performance and advertising reasons.

This change affects only your data and privacy with EducationLink (now strengthened) and does not introduce any new feature.

To learn more about our privacy procedures, check our article: How does EducationLink handles my privacy and data?.

Small improvements

  • Now you can use HTML links in the "Paragraph" element when creating forms.
  • The "Form submission" report now has all the information submitted in the report.

No published changelogs yet.

Surely EducationLink will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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