Bug fixes

  • Pipeline steps in the student profile page show a blank space if Student doesn't belong to any sale pipelines.
  • Visa expiring trigger fetches the wrong visa expire date if Student has more than visas stored.
  • Add type for notes (Call, Message and Note)

General improvement

  • Products and Installments details are now available for placeholders of the email.
  • After creating an invoice, the feedback and actions are now shown up, guiding you to the next actions.
  • Office of the sale is now being shown in the Sales tab of the student profile.

Bug fixes

  • "Sale ready" feedback and actions are not showing up after adding a sale from a quote.
  • Optional documents are being required in the application.
  • Emails sent from email application are not being stored.
  • Visas are unsorted in the student page.
  • Placeholders are not working when sending email from Emails tab in the student page.

General bug fixes

  • Emails sent from the booking are now being stored in the "Emails" section.
  • When finishing creating a sale from the booking, we show the next steps.
  • In some accounts, when searching for a user, it may have had duplicated users in the results, not anymore.

Small improvements

  • Your session (login) on EducationLink lasts a week! Not a day like before.
  • Instead of showing the country code (IT) we show the full name (Italy).
  • When moving the student to a "lost" stage we will ask you the reason now (for reporting purposes).
  • You can now control if the sales rep. can change or not the sale type when adding the sale.
  • When removing a user, we now transfer the tasks from the user being deleted to the user of your choice (before we transferred only the students).

Hubspot add-on updates

Now when using Hubspot add-on to sync your students to Hubspot the fields you select will automatically become fields in the student profile, with the same options and name as in Hubspot.

General improvement

  • We have added the option for using the second assignee for students (Organization settings -> Preferences & Misc).
  • Accommodation fee is now available in the sales.
  • Open the student by his sales number (Accounting -> All payments)

New features

User groups:

Your agency can group users with the same roles, position or groups across all the offices with the user groups feature (Organization settings -> Preferences & Misc).

Show/hide custom fields by the status of student:

Custom fields in the sales pipelines are now togglable based on student's status.

Select and checkbox fields in custom fields:

Select and checkboxes are available in the custom fields.

Minor improvements & bug fixes

  • Unable to update trigger with steps that updates Pipeline status updating.
  • Remarks (Other comments) is not showing up in the student quick-edit modal.
  • Some follow-up tasks don't update the student's next follow up date.
  • Users search input is unstable in some cases.

Student's follow-up date functionalities

  • Follow-up date is added to the student profile when a follow-up task is created to that student.
  • New trigger: X days after the next follow up date.
  • Sort by Follow up date in the students list

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